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LATEST NEWS (6th AUGUST 2015)  This site is in the process of being updated and whilst most of the items for sale are still available, the pricing re-structure in keeping with the Ebay shop at WRENNGALORE may mean that the prices shown here are 'incorrect'.  Please email 'maurice@moorwrenn.co.uk' for details of prices and postage.

LATEST NEWS (6th AUGUST 2015)   G & R Wrenn Ltd. have announced on their web-site that the Company will cease trading in October 2015.  Many items are reduced for sale both on their web-site and in their Ebay Shop.  Please look at the web-site at www.gandr-wrenn.co.uk for further information and check back here for further updates.

LATEST NEWS (8th MAY 2014)   The latest Volume of my Book - The Story of WRENN - Part THREE - Everything wagons -  is NOW AVAILABLE price 12 plus 1.50 postage. Please follow this link for payment details.

LATEST NEWS (12th APRIL 2014)   The latest Volume of my Book - The Story of WRENN - Part THREE - Everything wagons is currently with the printers and should be back with me ready for sale by the END of April - please check back for final availability.

LATEST NEWS (3rd November 2013)  My APOLOGIES for not keeping this page up-to-date. We have been busy with the WRENN Company and keeping the Ebay shops for both 'Wrenngalore' and 'Gandr-Wrenn' up to date and accurate. I have also been working on Part THREE of the new Series of Books - everything WRENN wagons.  The book is well under way but our original printers have unfortunately gone in to Administartion so another job is now finding a new printer to work on the completed book. Please have a look at the CARDS page for a great collection of WRENN related Christmas Cards. Please also visit our 2 Ebay Shops identified above for loads of Wrenn items (including coal loads).

LATEST NEWS (5th December 2011)  The NEW Second Part of the Book is NOW here, just received from the printers - price as detailed below. Please email for an Invoice or send a cheque. Details at   the BOOK page.

LATEST NEWS (16th November 2011) The SECOND part of the new series of books is now at the printers and should be available through this web-site by the end of November - Price 10 plus 1 p & p in the UK - 2.75 for European postage and 4.50  Worldwide (Post Office increases since February !).  This part of the series deals exclusively with Wrenn Locomotives.  If you wish to pre-order now, or to order after 1st December please send a cheque made payable to 'Maurice Gunter'   to   P.O. Box 429, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN7 6UY, or email maurice@moorwrenn.co.uk for a Paypal Invoice.

LATEST NEWS (11th February 2011) The first part of the new series of  books is now available - Price 10 plus 1 p&p. in the UK - 2.50 Europe and 4 Worldwide.  Cheque payable to Maurice Gunter or email for a Paypal Invoice.  Click HERE for details

LATEST NEWS (5th February 2011)  My original book - "The Story of Wrenn" - has been sold out since 2006.  I am bringing the book up to date for 2011 and will be publishing it in 4 separate Parts - the first Part of the Series is almost ready for sale and should be available within the next week. Full details will be available here when it is ready for sale.

2nd November 2010  Transfers Page updated with new transfers added to the list.  Please also see my Ebay shop WRENNGALORE for more transfers and Parts and Spares for sale

31st October 2010   Work is in progress to update the WRENN FOR SALE pages with details and pictures of wagons, locos and coaches for sale - please keep checking - coming SOON.        

31st October 2010   NEWS about the book - which instead of being issued as Volume TWO is going to be printed as a 2011 update to the original book but in FOUR soft-back A4 booklets.  The first Volume - covering the History of the Company - the Catalogue of every item issued and details of the packaging issued during the various Periods of the Company - is almost ready to go to the printers - more NEWS soon

31st October 2010  The new 2011 Edition and upgrade of the WRENN CD is now available at 25 plus 1 postage for new owners with previous owners of the CD being able to buy the upgrade for 9 plus 1 p & p

13th February  2010  Fifteen  MONTHS - sorry about the lack of NEWS - best I can say is that I have been concentrating TOO much on the Company Web-site and the Company products - mainly the Spam Can and Rebuilt Bulleid body kits and the new wagons.  I am currently working on the 2010/2011 UPDATED version of the CD which should be available by August or September.  I have also agreed with IRWELL Press to write a 'VOLUME TWO' of the book - The Story of WRENN - which should be out in time for CHRISTMAS (which year I hear you say !!)

LATEST NEWS (10th November 2008) The new 2008 UPDATED version of the WRENN CD is now available. The numbered version of the Limited Edition CD-Rom costs 25 plus 1 p&p - the updated version for those who already own a previous version of the CD costs just 8.50 plus 1 p&p. FULL details from maurice@moorwrenn.co.uk

LATEST NEWS (9th October 2008)  The 'Parts and Spares' page has been updated with many more parts now being added - the list will grow as more parts are identified, some with the help of other collectors. Click HERE to go straight to the 'Parts and Spares' page.  A page of transfers and nameplates has also been added and will also grow as time allows - again please click HERE for direct access to the TRANSFERS page.

LATEST NEWS (8th April 2008)   Glad to see so many people at Alexandra Palace - apologies for taking so long to update the 'For Sale' pages on this site - a job to be undertaken before the end of April.  LOCOS For sale page updated today - BUT - the wagons page will take a lot longer.

LATEST NEWS (1st February 2008)  We will be at the British Model Railway Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, London on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March 2008 and hope you will drop by and say HELLO - Lots of Wrenn to see - Last copies of the Book will be available.

LATEST NEWS (14th October 2007)    The NEW Wrenn Collectors Club was officially launched on 7th October at The Wrenn Golden Jubilee at Stafford.  Members are welcome from UK and abroad - see the G & R Wrenn Web-site for further details. Members of the Club can buy the 1st Collectors Club wagon - new body colour. Other new Limited Edition items were also launched at that event.  Click here for further details.

LATEST NEWS (20th September 2007)   Most of the NEWS seems to have been added to the G & R Wrenn Company web-site at www.GandR-Wrenn.co.uk  rather than here - have a look at the NEWS on that site about The Company Jubilee at Stafford Toy Fair on the 7th October and the launch of the new Wrenn Collectors Club - Maurice has been so tied up with the preparations for the Jubilee and the NEW CLUB that this site seems to have suffered somewhat - sincere apologies to those who have visited and found nothing happening - see you at Stafford.

LATEST NEWS (22.12.06)  Updated Wrenn PARTS and SPARES - now available on 'Wrenn for Sale' Page - link at the top of this page.

LATEST NEWS (1.12.06)  The 2007  UPDATE  for the CD-Rom is NOW AVAILABLE.  If you already have a copy of the original CD-Rom then contact Maurice Gunter, with Number details of your CD and buy the latest UPDATED version for ONLY 7 plus postage.  If you do NOT have a copy of the CD-Rom,  BUY ONE NOW for only 22 plus postage direct from Maurice Gunter - Maurice@MoorWrenn.co.uk

LATEST NEWS (5.03.06)   There is still concern being expressed by a large  number of collectors that they are being offered what appear to be 'original' Wrenn items, at swapmeets and on Internet Auctions, but have REAL CONCERN about the boxes being 'original'. Click HERE for further information about details of such boxes. ALSO  If you have a copy of the BOOK, "THE STORY OF WRENN then- Please CLICK HERE for the latest UPDATES and ADDITIONS

THE CD IS     OUT NOW !!!!!!!  (29th October 2005)  The CD-Rom is designed and published to accompany the book "The Story of Wrenn" by Maurice Gunter. Since the book was published by Irwell Press in 2004, Maurice has been working on the CD which expands the Book with over 1,200 colour photographs to help identify every loco, wagon and coach made by the Company between 1966 and 2005. In addition to the photographs, each of the 1,200 pages contains a full description of the WRENN item, identifying it by Period of manufacture, by Catalogue Number, by name, by running number and by colour allowing the powerful search engine built in to the CD to find the items you are looking for. Every page also contains an updated guide as to the current value of the item if you were looking to buy one in MINT and properly boxed condition. The CD has been issued in a Limited Edition of 500. Priced at only 22 plus 1 p&p - order yours today - Maurice@MoorWrenn.co.uk or 07930 404338 - an ideal Christmas Pressy to yourself !!

LATEST NEWS (18th October 2005) - The CD to complement the Book - The Story of Wrenn - is almost ready for publication. Launch is expected at Sandown Park Toy Fair on 29th October 2005 - Limited Edition of 500 copies - 22 each with Yearly updates. Click here for further details

LATEST NEWS (16.05.05) - A new set of pages are to be added to this site with details of the latest release of original WRENN locomotive nameplates and wagon transfers. The nameplates are Brass Etched, Stainless Steel Etched and waterslide transfers. A number of other transfers, both waterslide and methfix, will be released shortly for cab-side and smoke box numbers, tender linings and boiler band linings. If you have particular transfer 'needs' and can't see them on the site, please email me for details of availability.  These are all ORIGINAL G & R Wrenn Ltd transfers and plates.  Click HERE

LATEST NEWS (10.04.2005) - The NEW -Collectors' Corner page has just been launched on the G. & R. Wrenn Company Web-site www.gandr-wrenn.co.uk Please do go and have a look and get involved with Collectors' Issues that interest  YOU.

LATEST NEWS (14.02.2005) -  Wrenn lists have been updated. Looking forward to seeing anyone attending Sandown Park Toy Fair on Saturday 5th March and then the Alexandra Palace Model Railway Exhibition in North London, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April. I am working flat out to try and get the CD-Rom finished in time for Alexandra Palace - exactly a year since the launch of the book. Fingers crossed !!

LATEST NEWS (16.12.04) - The Loco list has now been updated with details of the latest locos for sale, including several last issue Limited Editions, just click HERE to have a look.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

LATEST NEWS (18.06.04) - The Wagon and Coach lists are now fully updated  WAGONS   COACHES

LATEST NEWS (16.06.04) - Latest update of Wrenn wagons for sale. The list is now about 50% updated and this will be progressively updated in the next few days - check early for that rare wagon!  WAGONS  There is also a FULL update to the Coaches for sale.

LATEST NEWS (4.06.04) - Latest update of Wrenn wagons for sale. The list is about 25% updated and this will be progressively updated in the next few days - check early for that rare wagon!  WAGONS   There is also now a new page on this site giving the latest updates, new discoveries and corrections to the Book. Click here to go that page.

  LATEST NEWS (5.04.04) - Latest update of Wrenn Wagons for sale.     Click WAGONS

LATEST NEWS (27.03.04) - BOOK LAUNCH at Alexandra Palace   The new book on the history of the G & R Wrenn Ltd. Company and its Railway products was launched on 27th March 2004. Pictured below the author, Maurice Gunter, and Mrs. Audrey Wrenn are signing copies of the book. Further pictures from the Book Launch are available on the G & R Wrenn Ltd. web-site at www.gandr-wrenn.co.uk    

Pictures from the Book (13.03.04) Please check out a selection of the pictures being used in the Book which will be expanded over the next few days. Book Pictures

LATEST NEWS (29.02.04) The new Wrenn Book will now be launched at The London Model Railway Exhibition at Alexandra Palace at 12 NOON on Saturday 27th March 2004. For further details and the latest NEWS (13.03.04) please see the following news page by clicking here.

LATEST NEWS (17.02.04) The new Wrenn Book on the History of the Wrenn Company and its railway products is about to be published by Irwell Press Ltd. The Book will include the Company production figures - never seen before - and a comprehensive Price Guide. Please contact Maurice Gunter, the author, direct on 07930 404338, or email him at maurice@MoorWrenn.co.uk for further information.

LATEST NEWS (29.11.03) A growing number of collectors are finding that they are being offered 'original' Wrenn items for sale, at swapmeets and on Internet Auctions, but they are increasingly concerned about the boxes being 'original'. Click HERE for further information.

LATEST NEWS (28.11.03) Details are now being confirmed for the NEW book on the History of Wrenn-Railways - to be published by Irwell Press Ltd.  Click HERE for further info.

LATEST  NEWS (10.10.03) Replacement original pre-1992 boiler bands, name-plates and cab-side transfers now available. Email or phone for availability and prices.

LATEST NEWS (10.9.03)  New Accessory Packets list added to the site

LATEST NEWS (21.06.03)  Latest pictures added to 'Wrenn for Sale' page

LATEST NEWS (03.03.03)  New 'Loco' Gallery introduced - via 'Items for sale'.

LATEST NEWS (1.02.03)  Latest list of wagons, locos and coaches updated.

LATEST NEWS (1.10.02)  Latest list of Catalogues and Price Lists added to Site. See special page for Catalogues etc.  - connection at the bottom of this page.

LATEST NEWS (16.09.02)  New 'Collection' of wagons just in - including most high number wagons between W5070 and W5108, many in 1991 or 1992 boxes. Phone to check availability.

LATEST NEWS (22.08.02)  New list of Wagons, coaches and locos for sale now on the 'Wrenn For Sale' page. Please have a look - there may be something you are looking for!

LATEST NEWS (6.7.2002)     Having now sorted through a great deal of the Wrenn paperwork, an amount of original Wrenn 'artwork' and 'folders' are available for sale.  Have a look (HERE) at these amazing original Wrenn items, and email me at 'maurice@moorwrenn.co.uk' to confirm availability.

LATEST NEWS (2.12.2001)     I am pleased to announce my involvement in the purchase of the Company "G. & R. Wrenn Ltd" from Dapol Ltd on the 30th November 2001. If you missed the Press Release, or the Links on the last page, GO DIRECT to the new Web Site for full details!!


I have created a new page for those of you who collect catalogues, price lists and Accessory Packets issued by Wrenn, even if you don't collect these (yet), have a look!


Please have a browse at the Wrenn Pages, and for further information email me at 'maurice@moorwrenn.co.uk' or ring me on 07930 404 338.


I have included a page of photographs of some of the rarer   WRENN LOCOS  in case you have never seen them. Email me if you have any requests for others, either out of  curiosity, or for comparison.

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