All FOUR Wrenn Books
Parts One Two Three 
& Four


£48 Free Postage in UK

Wrenn THREE Bodies - ONE 08 & TWO R1s 

Unused Factory Stock

£20 Free Postage in UK

 WRENN Class 08 printed D3464 Blue PLUS WRENN TWO R1s Grey & Silver with caps all unfinished bodies

WRENN HOPPER TWO wagon bodies & chassis - Hoveringham & Tarmac

TWO Brand NEW finished Hopper Bodies PLUS chassis -brand new raw castings which only need a little fettling.

£20 Free Post UK

Wrenn Spam Can Loco 3 Part Set -Body (fettled) - Chassis - Front Bogie

All BRAND NEW UNUSED from the original Wrenn Basildon Moulds


WRENN FORTY EIGHT axle hanger SMALL & LARGE inserts

24 brand new wheel axle hanger SMALL inserts to carry the pin-point end axles  - Plus

24 brand new wheel axle hanger LARGE inserts  

£16 Free Postage in UK

WRENN TEN X171 tension lock couplings

The hook end of the arm has a 'square' end to the hook and the fixing circle for the retaining rivet is a complete circle that prevents the arm from coming off the rivet.

£16 Free Postage in UK

Wrenn FOUR Loco Box Bases

Large Size to fit

Tender Locos

£33.50 Free Post in UK

Wrenn TWENTY FOUR Packing Rings 

16 Size - 45ml

8 Size - 21ml

£27.50 Free Post in UK

SIX empty WRENN NEW Dark Grey long wagon boxes (no inserts)

slight marks on window

£16 Free Post in UK

WRENN TEN  FLAT HD Couplings (Part Number 21400)  PLUS  WRENN 

TEN  Cranked HD couplings (Part Number 21402)